Author: Wang, Y.C.
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MOP086 Broadly Tunable THz FEL Amplifier 252
  • C.H. Chen, F.H. Chao, Y.C. Chiu, Y.K. Gan, K.Y. Huang, Y.-C. Huang, Y.C. Wang
    NTHU, Hsinchu, Taiwan
  Funding: MOST 102-2112-M-007 -002 -MY3, Taiwan
In this paper we present a broadly tunable sub-MW THz FEL amplifier driven by a photoinjector with a sub-kW seed THz source tunable between 0.7-2.0 THz. Specifically an S-band photoinjector at 2.856 GHz generate a 3.3-5.5 MeV electron bunch with 0.5 nC charge in a 4.25 ps rms bunch length, which is injected into a 2-m long undulator with a period of 18 mm and an rms undulator parameter of 0.98. The driver laser of the photoinjector is a frequency quadrupled amplified, mode-locked Nd:YVO4 laser at 1064 nm. We recycle the unconverted infrared laser at 1064 nm to pump a THz parametric amplifier using a lithium niobate crystal as its gain crystal. This THz parametric amplifier generates a transform-limited THz pulse with sub-kW power between 0.7 and 2.0 THz, which is seeded into the undulator to produce broadly tunable, transform-limited, sub-MW THz radiation through FEL amplification with a gain of about 3000. Since the pump laser of the THz OPA is derived from the driver laser of the photoinjector, the seed THz pulse is fully synchronized and overlapped with the electron bunch. Experimental progress of this work will be presented in the conference.
*Work supported by MoST under NSC 102-2112-M-007-002-MY3
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