Author: Treusch, R.
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MOP010 The Photon Beam Loss Monitors as a Part of Equipment Protection System at European XFEL 37
  • N. Gerasimova, H. Sinn
    XFEL. EU, Hamburg, Germany
  • S. Dziarzhytski, R. Treusch
    DESY, Hamburg, Germany
  For the X-ray beam transport systems, the problem of potential damage to the equipment by mis-steered photon beam emerged with advent of powerful X-ray FELs. In particular high repetition rate machines as European XFEL, where not only focused beam can produce ablation, but even unfocused beam can melt the beamline components while machine operates in multibunch mode, demand for implementation of equipment protection. Here we report on development of photon beam loss monitors at European XFEL facility. The photon beam loss monitors will react on the mis-steered photon beam and interface the machine protection system. The prototype comprises the vacuum chamber with fluorescence crystals positioned outside the photon beampath. The fast sub-hundred ns fluorescence induced by mis-steered beam can be detected by photomultiplier tube allowing for intra-train reaction of machine protection system. First tests have been carried out at FLASH and shown the feasibility of detection based on PMT-detected fluorescence. In addition to efficient YAG:Ce crystal, the robust low-Z material as CVD microcrystalline diamonds has shown a potential to be used as fluorescence crystals.  
WEB05 FLASH: First Soft X-ray FEL Operating Two Undulator Beamlines Simultaneously 635
  • K. Honkavaara, B. Faatz, J. Feldhaus, S. Schreiber, R. Treusch, M. Vogt
    DESY, Hamburg, Germany
  FLASH, the free electron laser user facility at DESY (Hamburg, Germany), has been upgraded with a second undulator beamline FLASH2. After a shutdown to connect FLASH2 to the FLASH linac, FLASH1 is back in user operation since February 2014. Installation of the FLASH2 electron beamline has been completed early 2014, and the first electron beam was transported into the new beamline in March 2014. The commissioning of FLASH2 takes place in 2014 parallel to FLASH1 user operation. This paper reports the status of the FLASH facility, and the first experience of operating two FEL beamlines.  
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