Author: Tecimer, M.
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TUP074 High Power Coupled FEL Oscillators for the Generation of High Repetition Rate Ultrashort Mid-IR Pulses 532
  • M. Tecimer
    University of Hawaii at Manoa, Honolulu, USA
  100-200 MeV range ERL-FELs generating few cycle short, high intensity mid-IR pulses with tens of MHz repetition rates might become attractive tools in various strong field applications. In a recent study [1] a mode locked coupled FEL oscillator scheme has been presented to produce multi-mJ level, ultra-short (<10 cycles) pulses tunable within the entire IR region. In this work an improved coupled FEL oscillator scheme is described. The coupled system operates unidirectionally (feedback in the reverse direction less than 10-8 level). The various operational regimes of the system are discussed. Some of the conclusions stated in [1] have been revised.
[1] M. Tecimer, PRST-AB 15, 020703 (2012).