Author: Maly, B.
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THP008 Evolution of a Warm Bunched Electron Beam in a Free Drift Region 692
  • B. Maly, A. Friedman
    Ariel University, Ariel, Israel
  The state of the art of FELs development at present is "Table-Top X Ray Free Electron Lasers". Almost any such scheme involves a pre-bunched electron beam. In this paper we will analyze the evolution and "survivability" of bunching introduced into the beam in the free drift region prior to the wiggler. We examined analytically the first order degradation in beam bunching due to space charge effect. It will be shown that there is a limited interaction region, characterized by an exponential decay of the bunching factor, having a length inversely proportional to the square of the electron beam normalized temperature, followed by a stable bunch region. We will present examples of the effect for several schemes of X Ray and Tera Hertz FELs considered or being constructed presently.