Author: Zhu, J.
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TUPPT025 Resonator System for the BCSI Test Stand Cyclotron 206
  • G. Gold, V. Sabaiduc, J. Zhu
    BCSI, Vancouver, Canada
  • J. Panama
    Best Theratronics Ltd., Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
  • L. AC. Piazza
    INFN/LNL, Legnaro (PD), Italy
  Best Cyclotron Systems Inc. is presently developing a test facility for beam injection into a center region cyclotron operating at maximum 1MeV. The test stand cyclotron will operate at various fixed frequencies that will cover the entire range from 49MHz to 80MHz as estimated for the current cyclotron models under development at BCSI. The resonator was designed with a variable coaxial section allowing for the frequency to be continuously adjusted as required for the particular model in study. Having interchangeable dee tip geometries presented various thermal management challenges which have been addressed. Three operational frequencies, 49MHz, 56MHz and 73MHz have been simulated with CST Microwave Studio. The paper will report the theoretical parameters of the cavity, mechanical design considerations and resonator commissioning on the first operational frequency of 49MHz.