Author: Versteeg, B.A.
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TU2PB04 Resonator System for the BEST 70 MeV Cyclotron 153
  • V. Sabaiduc, G. Gold, B.A. Versteeg
    BCSI, Vancouver, Canada
  • J. Panama
    Best Theratronics Ltd., Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
  Best Cyclotron Systems Inc. is presently developing a 70 MeV cyclotron for radioisotope production and research purpose. The RF system comprises two separated resonators driven by independent amplifiers to allow for the phase and amplitude modulation technique to be applied for beam intensity modulation. The resonators are presently in the commissioning phase consisting of cold test measurements followed by high power commissioning in the cyclotron. Preliminary simulation results have been reported and are: 56MHz operation (fourth harmonic, half-wave resonator design), 60 to 70kV dee voltage, quality factor 8000 with the estimated dissipated power of 17kW per resonator. The electromagnetic modeling has been done with CST Microwave Studio. All simulation results showed a very conservative design with typical parameters for the energy and size of the resonators. The paper will present the measurement results on a cold test set-up configuration as well as the commissioning with high power in the cyclotron.  
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