Author: Samsonov, E.
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WEPPT008 Correction of Vertical Shifting of Extracted Beam at the Test Operation of DC-110 Cyclotron 338
  • I.A. Ivanenko, B. Gikal, I.V. Kalagin, N.Yu. Kazarinov, V.I. Mironov, E. Samsonov
    JINR, Dubna, Moscow Region, Russia
  The specialized heavy ion cyclotron DC-110 has been designed and created by the Flerov Laboratory of Nuclear Reactions of Joint Institute for Nuclear Research for scientifically industrial complex “BETA” placed in Dubna (Russia). DC-110 cyclotron is intended for accelerating the intense Ar, Kr, Xe ion beams with fixed energy of 2.5 MeV/nucleon. The commissioning of DC-110 cyclotron has been carried out at the end of 2012. The project parameters of the ion beams have been achieved. During commissioning of cyclotron the vertical displacement of the beam at the last orbits and at the extraction channel was revealed. The calculations and experiments have shown that the reason of this displacement is the radial component of magnetic field at the median plane of the cyclotron, which appears because of asymmetry of the magnetic yoke. Correction of the vertical displacement of the beam has been achieved by creating an asymmetry of current distribution in the main coils of the electromagnet.  
WEPPT015 Study of Beam Capture in Compact Synchrocyclotron 353
  • S.A. Kostromin, G.A. Karamysheva, N.A. Morozov, E. Samsonov
    JINR, Dubna, Moscow Region, Russia
  Capture efficiency and main aspects of the beam dynamics during first turns and in a period of one synchrotron oscillation were studied in synchrocyclotron with driving magnetic field of ~5 Tesla. Corresponding simulations of the beam motion were done by means of numerical integration of the full equations of motion in the electro-magnetic field of accelerator. Main physical parameters for input data were taken similar to them for IBA S2C2.  
FR1PB01 Operation Mode of AIC-144 Multipurpose Isochronous Cyclotron for Eye Melanoma Treatment 461
  • G.A. Karamysheva, I. Amirkhanov, I.N. Kiyan, N.A. Morozov, E. Samsonov
    JINR, Dubna, Moscow Region, Russia
  • K. Daniel, K. Gugula, J. Sulikowski
    IFJ-PAN, Kraków, Poland
  Computational and experimental results concerning acceleration and extraction of the 60-MeV proton beam at AIC-144 cyclotron of the Institute of Nuclear Physics (Kraków, Poland) are considered. A proton beam of the AIC-144 cyclotron is accelerated without large losses in the radial region of 12-62 cm and is extracted from the cyclotron with a pretty good overall efficiency of ~35%. The beam was used for successful treatment of 15 patients in 2011-2012.  
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