Author: Ponter, T.S.
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WEPPT024 Rutgers 12-Inch Cyclotron: Dedicated to Training Through Research and Development 366
  • T.W. Koeth, J.E. Krutzler, T.S. Ponter, A.J. Rosenberg, W.S. Schneider
    Rutgers University, The State University of New Jersey, Piscataway, New Jersey, USA
  • D.E. Hoffman
    PU, Princeton, New Jersey, USA
  The Rutgers 12-Inch Cyclotron is a 1.2 MeV proton accelerator dedicated to beam physics instruction.[1] The 12-inch cyclotron project began as a personal pursuit for two Rutgers undergraduate students in 1995 and was incorporated into the Modern Physics Teaching Lab in 2001.[2] Since then, student projects have been contributing to the cyclotron’s evolution through development of accelerator components. Most of the Rutgers 12-Inch Cyclotron components have been designed and built in house, thus giving its students a research and development introduction to the field of accelerator physics and associated hardware.
[2] T. Feder, “Building a Cyclotron on a Shoe String,” Physics Today, 30-31 (November 2004)