Author: Paul, S.
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WEPPT011 Measurement of Radial Oscillation and Phase of Accelerating Beam in Kolkata Superconducting Cyclotron 344
  • J. Pradhan, A. Agarwal, U. Bhunia, A. Chakrabarti, J. Debnath, M.K. Dey, A. Dutta, Z.A. Naser, S. Paul, V. Singh
    VECC, Kolkata, India
  This paper describes various measurements performed on the beam behavior with the help of the main probe and the differential probe to have a clear insight of the accelerating beam and the difficulties of beam -extraction process in the K500 superconducting cyclotron at Kolkata. Beam shadow measurements with three probes at three sectors were done to get the information of beam-centering and radial oscillations. The radial oscillation amplitude is estimated from the measurements. A differential probe was used to measure the turn separation and its modulation due to radial oscillation. With the help of magnetic field detuning method, the beam phase history was also measured.