Author: Oh, S.Y.
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TUPPT019 Development Study of Penning Ion Source for Compact 9 MeV Cyclotron 195
  • Y.H. Yeon, J.-S. Chai, T.V. Cong, Kh.M. Gad, M. Ghergherehchi, S.Y. Jung, H.S. Kim, H.W. Kim, S.H. Kim, S.H. Lee, Y.S. Lee, X.J. Mu, S.Y. Oh, S. Shin
    SKKU, Suwon, Republic of Korea
  Funding: This research was supported by WCU (World Class University) program through the National Research Foundation of Korea funded by the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology (R31-2008-10029).
Penning Ion Gauge(PIG) have been used in internal source for cyclotron. PIG source for internal source of 9 MeV cyclotron produces H ion. This source consists of cold cathode which discharges electrons for producing H ion and anode for making plasma wall. Cold cathode material tantalum was used for emitting electrons and tungsten copper alloy was used for anode. The size of PIG source is related to size of cyclotron magnet. Optimization of cathode and anode location and sizing were needed for simplifying this source for reducing the size of compact cyclotron. Transportation of electrons and number of secondary electrons has been calculated by CST particle studio. Motion of H2 gas has been calculated by ANSYS. Calculation of PIG source in 9 MeV cyclotron has been performed by using various chimneys with different size of expansion gap between the plasma boundary and the chimney wall. In this paper design process and experiment result is reported.