Author: Lofnes, T.
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MOPPT013 Status Report on the Gustav Werner Cyclotron at TSL, Uppsala 58
  • D. van Rooyen, B. Gålnander, M.E. Lindberg, T. Lofnes, T. Peterson, M. Pettersson
    TSL, Uppsala, Sweden
  TSL has a long history of producing beams of accelerated particles. The laboratory was restructured in 2005/2006 with nuclear physics phased out, the CELSIUS ring dismantled and the WASA detector moved to Jülich. The focus of activities became thereby shifted towards, mainly, proton therapy and, in addition, radiation effects testing using protons and neutrons in a beam sharing mode. The increase in demand on (a) beam time and b) consequential faster changes between various set-ups necessitated some minor upgrades. Two of these will be presented. For the same reason our energy measuring system needed to be streamlined. As a consequence of the restructuring, night shifts have been phased out. Studies indicated that a substantial energy saving can be accomplished by switching off certain power supplies. Results of this energy saving programme will be presented. The future? In 2012 our ECR ion source has been “recalled to life”, the purpose being to investigate radiation of electronics and thin films (micropore industry). The results for three test runs with heavy ions will be mentioned. Will TSL be able to survive after the Skandion Clinic has taken over Cancer Therapy with protons?