Author: L'Abbate, C.
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TU4PB01 Mapping of the New IBA Superconducting Synchrocyclotron (S2C2) for Proton Therapy 272
  • J. van de Walle, W.J.G.M. Kleeven, C. L'Abbate, V. Nuttens, Y. Paradis
    IBA, Louvain-la-Neuve, Belgium
  • M. Conjat, J. Mandrillon, P. Mandrillon
    AIMA, Nice, France
  The magnetic field in the Superconducting Synchrocyclotron (S2C2) has been measured with a newly developed mapping system during the commissioning of the machine at IBA. The major difference with other mapping systems at IBA is the usage of a search coil, which provides high linearity over a large magnetic field range and the possibility to measure in a more time economic way. The first mapping results of the S2C2 were compared with OPERA3D calculations. The average field, the tune functions and the first harmonic were the main quantities which were compared and showed good agreement with the model. For example, the average field was within 0.3% of the calculation over the entire machine. In order to assess the efficiency of the regenerative extraction mechanism, protons were tracked in the measured map up to extraction. The horizontal position of the main coil was found to be a crucial parameter for the optimization of the extraction. A dedicated linear mapping system consisting of 7 Hall probes was positioned in the extraction channel of the S2C2. The field values from this linear mapping system were used to assess the optics of the beam exiting the S2C2.  
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