Author: Jaloo, S.
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WEPSH003 Development of New Combined System for Production of FDG and NaF Radiopharmaceuticals 390
  • F. Dehghan, H. Afarideh, S. Jaloo
    AUT, Tehran, Iran
  • M. Akhlaghi
    Tehran University of Medical Sciences, Research Center for Nuclear Medicine, Tehran, Iran
  • J.-S. Chai, J.-S. Chai, M. Ghergherehchi
    SKKU, Suwon, Republic of Korea
  In this work, we present a new combined system which produces FDG and NaF in separate runs. The needed for synthesis this radiopharmaceuticals are obtained by bombardment of highly enriched water with proton. The aim is development of routine systems to use with baby cyclotrons. In this study, the various chemical steps and required reagents as well as different reagent delivery methods has been investigated. This evaluation has been done with purpose of optimizing the performance of a conceptually simple device integrated into a fully automated synthesis procedure for radiosynthesis of FDG and NaF. In this system, we have used AVR microcontroller to control the process and LabVIEW software for monitoring the operation of system. Furthermore, Geiger Muller counters have been used to determine the activity to insure the accuracy of the systems operation.