Author: Hildebrand, D.
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MOPPT002 Status of the HZB Cyclotron 31
  • A. Denker, J. Bundesmann, T. Damerow, T. Fanselow, W. Hahn, G. Heidenreich, D. Hildebrand, U. Hiller, U. Muller, C. Rethfeldt, J. Röhrich
    HZB, Berlin, Germany
  • D. Cordini, J. Heufelder, R. Stark, A. Weber
    Charite, Berlin, Germany
  For 15 years, eye tumours are treated in collaboration with the Charité - Universitätsmedizin Berlin. In 2012 we celebrated the 2000th patient. Our cyclotron is again served by 2 different injectors: a 6 MV Van-de-Graaff and a 2 MV tandetron. The tandetron was optimized especially for the requirements of therapy. Its advantages are easier handling, lower service requirements and a shorter injection beam line. Development of the source resulted in safe operation of more than 600 h and extremely stable beam current. The tandetron is in operation for therapy since 2011. The Van-de-Graaff was considered to be a temporary backup. New requests for beams with a very specific time structure occurred, which can be provided only with the Van-de-Graaff-cyclotron beam line. Pulse structures of high variability; from single pulses of 1 ns at a max. repetition rate of 75 kHz to pulse packets with a length up to 100 μs were tested. The latter was used for the production of pulsed neutron radiation for comprehensive testing of dosimeters. Although major breakdowns have a huge impact on the up-time due to the small number of beam time hours, breakdowns over the past years amounted to less than 5%.