Author: Geets, J.-M.
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WEPSH043 Performance of IBA New Conical Shaped Niobium [18O] Water Targets 406
  • F.G. Devillet, J. Courtyn, J.-M. Geets, M. Ghyoot, E.K. Kral, O. Michaux, B. Nactergal, V. Nuttens
    IBA, Louvain-la-Neuve, Belgium
  • R. Mooij, L.R. Perk
    BV Cyclotron VU, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
  Background: Because of an ever increasing demand for Fluoride-18 (18F-), efforts are made to increase the performance of the 18F-target systems. Moreover, given the particularly high cost of 18O enriched water, only a small volume of this target material is desired. Procedure: Four conical shaped targets* with different target chamber sizes (Conical 6 – 2.4ml; Conical 8 – 3.2ml; Conical 12 - 5ml; Conical 16 - 7ml) were tested using IBA Cyclone® 18 MeV cyclotrons. The targets were filled with different volumes of 18O water (enrichment >92%) and irradiated with 18 MeV protons on target with beam currents up to 145 μA for 30–150 minutes. Fluoride-18 saturation activity yields and pressure curves were completed. Radionuclidic impurities were measured, even if the new target is using the same principle of Niobium body with Havar® window. Conclusions: Reliable operation in a production environment has been observed at beam currents up to 145 μA using less 18O enriched water as compared to the currently available IBA target systems without affecting the yield. The new design with less Orings and direct insertion of flow line into the niobium chamber has proven its effectiveness.
*Patent application: WO 2012/055970 A1
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