Author: Emery, R.C.
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TH2PB03 The University of Washington Clinical Cyclotron a Summary of Current Particles and Energies Used in Therapy, Isotope Production, and Clinical Research 454
  • E.F. Dorman, R.C. Emery
    University of Washington Medical Center, Seattle, Washington, USA
  The University of Washington Clinical Cyclotron (UWCC) is a Scanditronix MC-50 compact cyclotron installed in 1983. The cyclotron has now been in operation for 30 years. The unique nature of the cyclotron is its variable frequency RF system, and dual ion source chimneys; it is also capable to produce other particles and energies. Our facility is now sharing beam time between multiple users: Fast Neutron radiotherapy. Development of a Precision Proton Radiotherapy Platform. In vivo verification of precision proton radiotherapy with positron emission tomography. Routine production of 211-At. Routine production of 117m-Sn. Cyclotron based 99m-Tc production. Cyclotron based 186-Re production. Proton beam extracted into air, demonstrating a visual Bragg peak. Neutron hardness for electronic subsystems. These multiple projects show the uniqueness of our facility and our commitment to therapy, radioisotope research and production, and clinical investigations. Currently Running Protons (H+) 50.5 MeV/75μA, 50 MeV/5-10pA, 35 MeV/3-5 pA 16, 18, 24, 28 MeV/30μA, Protons (H2+) 6.8 MeV/300nA, Deuterons (D+) 18, 20, 22, 24 MeV/30μA, Alphas (4He++) 29.0 MeV/50μA, 47.3 MeV/70μA.  
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