Author: Asadi, M.R.
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TU2PB03 Heat Transfer Study and Cooling of 10 MeV Cyclotron Cavity 150
  • S. Saboonchi, H. Afarideh
    AUT, Tehran, Iran
  • M.R. Asadi
    PPRC, Tehran, Iran
  • J.-S. Chai, M. Ghergherehchi
    SKKU, Suwon, Republic of Korea
  The most important problem in mechanical design of RF cavity of cyclotron is generated heat by RF power loss. An optimized cooling system for cavity is necessary to prevent Dee damaging and minimizing error function of cyclotron created by displacements. Also optimization of water circuit and water flow is essential because it affects unwanted vibrations and manufacturing. In this paper an attempt has been done to design an optimized cooling system for the cavity of a 10 MeV cyclotron with frequency of 69 MHz and 50 KW RF power using ANSYS and CST software.