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THPFDV002 The Influence of Irradiation on the Current Carrying Phenomena in HTc Multilayered Superconductors radiation, ECR, lattice, neutron 756
  • J. Sosnowski
    NCBJ, Świerk/Otwock, Poland
  Paper is devoted to analysis of the influence of irradiation arising in SRF accelerators on critical current phenomena of HTc multilayered superconductors. Impact of size and concentration of created then nano-defects on current-voltage characteristics and critical current of HTc superconductors as function of the magnetic field and temperature will be investigated. It will be studied basing on analysis of interaction of the magnetic pancake vortices with arising during irradiation defects, for various strengths of capturing. The comparison of the model with experimental data will be given too. The dynamic losses dependent on critical current, generated in the superconducting current leads for varying current, will be considered. Analysis of the dynamic magnetic induction distribution inside superconducting lead for time varying current in the cycle will be given and Joule losses estimated. As the result it has been established the hysteresis behavior of the losses in current leads. The changes of losses have been observed for first and following current increase, which effect should have meaning during multiply charging of the superconducting electromagnets.  
DOI • reference for this paper ※ doi:10.18429/JACoW-SRF2021-THPFDV002  
About • Received ※ 16 June 2021 — Revised ※ 10 August 2021 — Accepted ※ 23 November 2021 — Issue date ※ 02 March 2022
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