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MOY02 Development and Current Status of the Control System for 150 MeV FFAG Accelerator Complex controls, radiation, booster, radioactivity 13
  • M. Tanigaki, N. Abe, K. Takamiya, T. Takeshita, H. Yashima, H. Yoshino
    KURRI, Osaka
  A control system for a 150 MeV FFAG accelerator complex in KURRI has been developed and served for actual commissioning of this accelerator complex with high reliability. This control system has been developed using simple and versatile tools such as PLCs, LabVIEW for MMI/DAQ systems, MySQL and Apache, and this can be a good example for small institutes without specialists on accelerator control. In the presentation, the review on the design and development of our control system will be made from the perspective of developers without specialized experience on accelerator control, as well as the report on the current status and recent developments of our control system.  
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