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Lomperski, M.

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TUZ01 New TINE Java General Purpose Diagnostic Applications 67
  • J. Bobnar, I. Kri┼żnar
    Cosylab, Ljubljana
  • R. Bacher, P. Duval, M. Lomperski
    DESY, Hamburg
  One of the strengths of the TINE* control system is the ability to easily make ‘rich-client’ applications containing that programming and display logic which is designed to expedite and enhance the operator’s or physicist’s abilities to diagnose problems and correlate results. In particular there are a large number of ‘rich-client’, general purpose applications which offer extensive interactions with the TINE standard servers and subsystems. This includes the TINE archive system, alarm system, post-mortem system, and video system, as well as scope trace analysis, multi-channel analysis and general configuration management. Available now for many years, these diagnostic applications have recently been realized as pure java applications using ACOP** beans. All applications have been honed and refined based on extensive feedback from the application users. We offer here a description of these applications, some of the novel techniques used and focus on those ‘rich-client’ aspects which cannot be achieved by configuring ‘simple-clients’ based on displayer widgets.

* http://tine.desy.de
** http://cosylab.com/pub/acop/site

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