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Kinna, D.

Paper Title Page
TUP020 The JetFsm Data Acquisition Framework, and Proposed Usage for ITER 128
  • P. J.L. Heesterman, S. Griph, C. H.A. Hogben, D. Kinna, K. Kneupner
    EFDA-JET, Abingdon, Oxon
  A comprehensive C++ framework, using the HTTP-based 'black box' protocol, has been developed to allow PC-based control, data acquisition and data visualisation of new JET diagnostic enhancements. This framework allows remote and local developers to develop new applications, with extensive code re-use, without needing to re-implement exiting communication, data management or data visualisation functionality. The paper describes the usage of the Windows implementation. The paper also highlights 5 years of experiences in collaborative development using this approach, and details some of the lessons that have been learnt. The 'black box' approach at JET is similar to that proposed for the ITER plant systems delivered in-kind along with their I&C. Extensions to the framework to cater for the ITER model will be proposed.  
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