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Grygiel, G.

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TUP010 Buffer Manager Implementation for the FLASH Data Aquisition System 102
  • V. Rybnikov, A. Aghababyan, G. Grygiel, O. Hensler, R. Kammering, L. M. Petrosyan, K. Rehlich
    DESY, Hamburg
  The Free Electron Laser in Hamburg (FLASH) at DESY is a user facility. It produces laser light of short wavelengths from the extreme ultraviolet down to soft X-rays. To study, monitor and document the machine performance and parameters and also to collect the results of the experiment measurements a fast data acquisition (DAQ) system has been developed. A shared memory based buffer manager is the heart of the system. It arranges collected data as events for every linac short. All events can be read by different consumers simultaneously. Linac feedback and monitoring processes as well as experiment middle layer servers are typical clients of the buffer manager. Any client can also generate its own data and insert it into the same event or produce its own one. The paper will focus on the detailed implementation of the buffer manager and its main features. The experience and the achieved performance will be covered as well.  
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