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Chiozzi, G.

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WEP013 Integration of ALMA Common Software and National Instruments LabVIEW 195
  • K. ┼Żagar, A. ┼Żagar
    Cosylab, Ljubljana
  • B. Bauvir, G. Chiozzi, P. R.M. Duhoux
    ESO, Garching bei Muenchen
  Among the candidate technologies for the Extremely Large Telescope (E-ELT) are ALMA Common Software (ACS) and LabVIEW. ACS is a CORBA-based control system infrastructure that implements a container-component model. It allows developers to focus on development of components that define application logic, with ACS-provided containers addressing infrastructural issues of distributed control systems such as remote procedure calls, logging, configuration, etc. LabVIEW is a commercial solution provided by National Instruments which allows rapid construction of user interfaces and control loops. Control loops can execute on Windows and Linux operating systems, as well as real-time control systems and FPGA circuits. In this paper, we present an approach for integration of ACS and LabVIEW. We accessed ACS from a LabVIEW user interface (both sending of data into ACS, and receiving data from ACS). Also, we accessed a real-time LabVIEW process (parts of which were executing in FPGA) from ACS – again in both directions. From the LabVIEW perspective, the approach is platform-independent as it is based on a Simple TCP/IP Messaging protocol.  
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