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Bell, A. I.

Paper Title Page
WEP004 Permanent Magnet Insertion Device Control Systems on Diamond 174
  • A. J. Rose, A. I. Bell, M. T. Heron, S. C. Lay
    Diamond, Oxfordshire
  Diamond Light Source has designed and constructed 12 permanent magnet insertion devices over the past 5 years. These are ten In-vacuum Undulators and two Ex-vacuum Apple II Undulators. For all of these a common control system has been used. This uses a VME based motor controller, and a separate PLC subsystem for protection. The VME system runs EPICS to integrate in with overall control system. Two new designs of insertion device and are currently in progress, which will require variants of this control system. The design for these control systems, issues experienced and operational performance will be presented.  
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