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Author: Purser, K.H.

Title Page
The Tandem as a Heavy Ion Accelerator 251
  • P.H. Rose, K.H. Purser, A. B. Wittkower
The Production of Intense Nanosecond and Subnanosecond Beam Pulses from Tandem Accelerators 305
  • H. Naylor, K.H. Purser, P.H. Rose
A High Efficiency Ion Optical System for Tandem Accelerators 313
  • N.B. Brooks, R. P. Bastide, K.H. Purser, M. Roos, P.H. Rose, A. B. Wittkower
Ion Sources for High Current Tandem Accelerators 775
  • R. P. Bastide, N.B. Brooks, K.H. Purser, P.H. Rose, A. B. Wittkower