Safety Systems; Sheilding;Radiation Effects; Radiation Protection; Vacuum

Title Page
Induced Radioactivity and Remote Handling Methods for Accelerators 656
  • A. J. Gorka
Problems of Induced Radioactivity Around the 200 - BeV Alternating-Gradient Synchrotron 665
  • W.S. Gilbert, R. H. Thomas
Proposed Remote Handling Methods for a Modified AGS 668
  • C. R. Flatau
Residual Radiation Studies 673
  • C.B. Fulmer, M. Barbier, K.S. Toth
Radioactive Gas Production from the R. P. I. Electron Linear Accelerator 678
  • J. E. Russell, R. M. Ryan
Effect of Nuclear Radiation on Magent Insulation in High-Energy Accelerators 683
  • H. Brechna
Personnel Security at the Brookhaven Alternating Gradient Synchrotron 689
  • R. R. Kassner, W. Livant
Microwave and Fast-Acting Valves and Vacuum Couplings for Accelerators 694
  • A. L. Eldredge, R. J. Allyn, M. Heinz, A. J. Keicher
The Stanford Two-Mile Linear Accelerator Vacuum System 699
  • S. R. Conviser
Qualitative Effects of Radiation Damage on Equipment and Components at the R. P. I. Linac 705
  • R. Fullwood, E. R. Gaerttner, R. Krasse
Radiation Measurement Work at the Princeton-Pennsylvania Accelerator 708
  • M. Awschalom, F.L. Larsen
Shielding Doors 712
  • L. R. Glasgow, J. M. Haughian
An Accelerator Radiation Protection System 718
  • G. F. Wells, W. E. Lingar
Area Radiation Monitor System with Logarithmic Indication and Audio-Visual Warning 721
  • R. D. Hiebert, M. J. Engelke, R. L. Henkel, H. K. Jennings, H. J. Lang
Servo System for Automatic Dose Control 725
  • C. J. Murphy, R. D. Cooper, R. A. Meyer
Zero Gradient Synchrotron Ring Vacuum System 728
  • W.B. Hanson, F.W. Markley, R.D. Roman (ANL), H. Lucks, J.S. Moenich, M.A. Otavka, W.J. Pelczarski, C.W. Senders, R.A. Trcka, K. H. Weberg
Design Concepts of Modern Accelerator Vacuum Systems - Prediction vs. Experimental Data 734
  • F. S. Reinath, D.T. Scalise
Accelerator Vacuum Problems: In-Line Oil Trapping Between the Stanford Linear Accelerator and the Beam Switchyard 740
  • E. L. Hoyt, E.L. Garwin
Fast All-Metal Six-Inch Valve 743
  • J. Boyd