DC Accelerators And Auxiliaries

Title Page
Dynamitrons of the Future 227
  • M.R. Cleland, P. Farrell
Tandem Accelerators of the Future 235
  • E. A. Burrill
Ion-Gas Collisions during Beam Acceleration 242
  • E. M. Kellogg
Production of Protons and Negative Hydrogen Ions with Low Energy Spread 247
  • L. E. Collins, R. H. Gobbett, P. T. Stroud
The Tandem as a Heavy Ion Accelerator 251
  • P.H. Rose, K.H. Purser, A. B. Wittkower
A Source of He++ Ions for a Van de Graaff Accelerator 257
  • J. L. Weil, I. J. Taylor
A 14 MeV Neutron Source Capable of Delivering a 1000 Rad Dose Uniformly Over a 6x6 - Foot Area 262
  • A. A. Fleischer, N. E. Jorgensen, R. F. Nissen, D.K. Wells, F.C. Younger
Sulphur Hexafluoride - Its Properties and Use as a Gaseous Insulator in Van de Graaff Accelerators 266
  • P. G. Ashbaugh, M. F. James, D. W. McAdam
Electron Accelerators for Electron Microscopy in the 1 MeV Range 270
  • G. Reinhold, H. Adler, R. Minkner
A 600-kV, 10-mA dc Cockcroft-Walton Rectifier Using Silicon Diodes at 100 kc 274
  • L.L. Reginato, B.H. Smith
A Wide Area Electron Beam Scanner 279
  • M. L. Rossi, A. J. Favale, F. J. Lotito, F. R. Swanson
A New Low Energy Heavy Ion Accelerator 282
  • R. Laubert, N. Wotherspoon
The Symmetrical Cascade Rectifier: An Accelerator Power Supply in the Megavolt and Milliampere Range 288
  • G. Reinhold, J. Bill, K. Truempy
Stabilized High Voltage DC Power Supplies of the Sheilded Design 293
  • G. Reinhold, R. Minkner, K. Truempy
Energy Regulation of a 3 Mv Van de Graaff Positive Ion Accelerator by Modulation of the Ion Source Dark Current 296
  • M. V. Isaila, H. L. Allen
Ion Pump Operation on 5.5 Me V and 12MeV Van de Graaff Accelerator 299
  • C. T. Adams
The Production of Intense Nanosecond and Subnanosecond Beam Pulses from Tandem Accelerators 305
  • H. Naylor, K.H. Purser, P.H. Rose
A High Efficiency Ion Optical System for Tandem Accelerators 313
  • N.B. Brooks, R. P. Bastide, K.H. Purser, M. Roos, P.H. Rose, A. B. Wittkower