Accelerator Component Controls and Automation Systems

Title Page
Computer Control of High Energy Accelerators 1
  • L. G. Lewis
Linac Alignment Techniques 9
  • W.B. Herrmannsfeldt
Hydrostatic Leveling System 19
  • P. F. Pellissier
The Application of a Digital Computer to the Control and Monitoring of a Proton Linear Accelerator 21
  • T.M. Putnam, R.A. Jameson, T. M. Schultheis
ZGS Feedback System 27
  • J. A. Dinkel, R. E. Daniels, S. K. Das, J.H. Martin, J. R. Simanton, L.C. Teng
Electronic Instrumentation and Control at the Princeton-Pennsylvania Accelerator 31
  • J. Riedel, T. F. Droege, C.L. Kang, J. Kirchgessner
Multiplex Control and Monitoring of a Large Accelerator 36
  • R. Littauer
Precision Phase Adjustment of a Linear Accelerator High Power Waveguide Feed Network 39
  • R. Alvarez, R. Borghi, J. Weaver
Instrumentation and Controls for the Stanford Linear Accelerator 44
  • L. H. Johnston
Accelerator Alignment - A Problem in Feedback-Control Systems 48
  • B. L. Kortegaard
The NRL Cyclotron Beam Control and Handling System 54
  • C. D. Bond, J.A. Eisele, P. F. McWalters, H.A. Reich
Stabilization of Accelerating Voltage Under High-Intensity Beam Loading 58
  • Q.A. Kerns, W.S. Flood
The Effect of Accelerator Parameters on Mechanical Tuning of rf Cavities 65
  • M.A. Green
Magnet Plunging System for the Bevatron External Proton Beam 69
  • R. Krevitt, D. Morris
A Synchronization Pulse for the Princeton-Pennsylvania Accelerator 74
  • M. Awschalom, M. V. Isaila, F.C. Shoemaker