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Zviagintsev, V.

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TUPAN003 Beam Quality and Operational Experience with the Superconducting LINAC at the ISAC II RIB facility 1392
  • M. Marchetto, R. E. Laxdal, V. Zviagintsev
    TRIUMF, Vancouver
  The ISAC II superconducting LINAC is now in the operational phase. The linac was commissioned with stable beams from an off-line source. The commissioning not only proved the integrity of the infrastructure but benchmarked the beam quality and rf cavity performance. Measurements of the transverse and longitudinal emittance are consistent with little or no emittance growth through the acceleration. Transmission near 100% has been achieved though some solenoid steering is evident due to misalignment. The misalignment problem is being evaluated using the beam as diagnostic tool while applying corrections based on the beam measurements. The effectiveness of the corrections will be reported. The machine has been demonstrated to be easy to tune, reliable in restoring beam and flexible enough to accommodate different tuning strategies; software routines have been developed in order to facilitate the tuning process. In this paper the operational routine for tuning and beam delivery will be presented as well as the beam characteristics drawn from the commissioning studies.