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Zangrando, D.

Paper Title Page
MOPAN025 The Elettra Booster Magnets 206
  • D. Zangrando, D. Castronovo, M. Svandrlik, R. Visintini
    ELETTRA, Basovizza, Trieste
  The third generation light source ELETTRA has been in operation since 1993. A new 2.5 GeV full energy booster injector, that will replace the existing linear injector limited to a maximum energy of 1.2 GeV is now under construction and the commissioning will start this August. The paper reports on the construction of dipole, quadrupole, sextupole and steerer magnets and on the magnetic measurement results with a comparison with the requested specifications.  
TUPMN030 Development of the Mechanical Structure for FERMI@elettra APPLE II Undulators 980
  • D. La Civita, B. Diviacco, C. Knapic, M. Musardo, D. Zangrando
    ELETTRA, Basovizza, Trieste
  • L. Bregant, C. Poloni
    Units, Trieste
  A conceptual design study of the mechanical structure for the APPLE II undulators of the FERMI@elettra project has been carried using FEM structural analysis program and multiobject optimization software. In this paper the undulator performance, taking into account the predicted mechanical deformations due to the varying magnetic forces, will be evaluated and the resulting magnetic field and optical phase error discussed.  
TUPMN032 The New Elettra Booster Injector 983
  • M. Svandrlik, S. Bassanese, A. Carniel, K. Casarin, D. Castronovo, P. Craievich, G. D'Auria, R. De Monte, P. Delgiusto, S. Di Mitri, A. Fabris, R. Fabris, M. Ferianis, F. Giacuzzo, F. Iazzourene, G. L. Loda, M. Lonza, F. M. Mazzolini, D. M. Molaro, G. Pangon, C. Pasotti, G. Penco, L. Pivetta, L. Rumiz, C. Scafuri, G. Tromba, A. Vascotto, R. Visintini, D. Zangrando
    ELETTRA, Basovizza, Trieste
  • L. Picardi, C. Ronsivalle
    ENEA C. R. Frascati, Frascati (Roma)
  The new full energy injector for Elettra is under construction. The complex is made of a 100 MeV linac and a 2.5 GeV synchrotron, at 3 Hz repetition rate. With the new injector top-up operation shall be feasible. In the first semester of 2007 the machine assembly has been performed. In Summer 2007 the commissioning is scheduled, while in Fall 2007 the connection to the Storage Ring is planned. The status of the project will be reported in this paper.