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Wu, M. J.

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MOPAN057 LabVIEW and MATLAB-Based Virtual Control System for Virtual Prototyping of Cyclotron 281
  • Y. Q. Xiong, M. Fan, B. Qin, M. J. Wu, J. Yang
    HUST, Wuhan
  Funding: This work is supported by National Nature Science Foundation of China under Grant 10435030

A virtual control system designed to control and monitor the process of a cyclotron virtual prototyping is presented in this paper. Based on the feature of cyclotron, a distributed control structure is proposed according to the knowledge of software engineering. LabVIEW is employed to develop human machine interface(HMI), sequential control, safety interlock, and MATLAB is used to implement analysis and simulation. Dynamic data exchange (DDE) supported by Win32 Platform SDK is adopted to process data exchanging by a Server/Client mode. Any additional functions can be extended easily in this system in future.