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Wesolowski, P.

Paper Title Page
MOPAN022 Investigation of Machine Operation and Related Radiation Dose at the ANKA Storage Ring 197
  • I. Birkel, E. Huttel, A.-S. Muller, P. Wesolowski
    FZK, Karlsruhe
  A new online network for radiation dose measurements offers the opportunity to register the dose rate at the ANKA storage ring every minute. The network consists of six mobile and two stationary monitors with a gamma and a neutron detector and a central computer. The analysis of the dose rate shows strong correlations between beam energy, current, machine parameters and dose rate.  
FRPMN021 Investigation of the Injection into the ANKA Storage Ring by a Turn by Turn BPM System 3958
  • E. Huttel, I. Birkel, A.-S. Muller, P. Wesolowski
    FZK, Karlsruhe
  Modern BPM Electronics allow turn by turn acquisition of the position for both the injected and stored beam. This offers additional opportunities for diagnostics. In addition to the slow acquisition system installed at ANKA, two LIBERA ELECTRON units (www.i-tech.si) have been installed. I. E. the system was used to investigate and optimize the Injection. The stray field of the Septum causes a bump of the stored beam. The settings of the Kicker could be optimized for minimized the orbit distortion. By measuring the phase space of the injected beam the injection efficiency will be improved.  
FRPMN022 Analysis of Multi-Turn Beam Position Measurements in the ANKA Storage Ring 3964
  • A.-S. Muller, I. Birkel, E. Huttel, P. Wesolowski
    FZK, Karlsruhe
  The observation of betatron oscillations following a deflection by a kicker pulse offers the possibility to study various machine parameters. The damping of the centre-of-charge signal's amplitude for one bunch, for example, depends chromaticity, energy loss, momentum compaction factor and impedance. A new multi-turn acquisition system based on LIBERA ELECTRON units (http://www.i-tech.si) has been installed in the ANKA storage ring. First analyses of the thus acquired data for different machine conditions reveal systematic limitations in the current ANKA multi-turn setup. Measurements preformed under varying conditions are presented and discussed with respect to the influence on future analysis.

* http://www.i-tech.si