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Waterman, D. J.

Paper Title Page
TUPMS024 Development of a 100 mm Period Hybrid Wiggler for the Australian Synchrotron Project 1233
  • J. Kulesza, A. Deyhim, E. A. Johnson, D. J. Waterman
    Advanced Design Consulting, Inc, Lansing, New York
  • K. I. Blomqvist
    MAX-lab, Lund
  • C. Glover
    ASP, Clayton, Victoria
  Funding: Australian Synchrotron Project

This paper summarizes the final magnetic measurement for a hybrid wiggler installed at the Australian Synchrotron Project (ASP). This device uses an anti-symmetric, hybrid design with a period of 100 mm and 40 full-strength Vanadium-Permendur poles surrounded by Neodynium-Iron-Boron magnets. It is designed to operate at two gaps with critical energies of 11.4 (14mm) and 9.6 keV (18.16mm) and to have a maximum gap with the field strength By ≤ 50 G. The wiggler's drive mechanism is capable of moving from minimum to maximum gap in 96 seconds. End terminations are designed to maintain the electron trajectory on-axis. The straightness of the electron orbit is controlled by moving the poles vertically and horizontally. The integrated multipoles are controlled over the interval |x| < 25 mm and all gap sizes by moving the side magnets, installing correction magnets at the wiggler entrance and exit and using correction coils. All adjustments have been made using threaded fasteners. No shims have been used.