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Wang, B. Y.

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FRPMN052 Bunch Length Measurement in Time Domain for HLS 4108
  • B. Y. Wang, P. Lu, B. Sun, J. Wang, J. H. Wang, H. Xu
    USTC/NSRL, Hefei, Anhui
  Funding: Supported by the Natural Science Foundation of China (10675118) and by Knowledge Innovation Project of CAS

A simple measurement method of beam bunch length in time domain for HLS (Hefei Light Source) has been proposed. The Bunch length measurement system is composed of an optical system, a high speed photo-receiver and a wide bandwidth oscilloscope. The photo-receiver which is made by FEMTO has high sensitivity and high bandwidth, which converts the synchrotron radiation light into electronic signal. The oscilloscope which is made by Tektronix is TDS7704B, which has a high bandwidth up to 7GHz and show the bunch length in time domain. The measurement results of the bunch length and its analysis are given. We compare the results with that determined by the conventional method using a streak camera.