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Vogel, H.

Paper Title Page
TUPAN011 Beam Operation of the SARAF Light Ion Injector 1410
  • C. Piel, K. Dunkel, M. Pekeler, H. Vogel, P. vom Stein
    ACCEL, Bergisch Gladbach
  In beginning of 2007 the installation of the first stage of SARAF has been finalized. The system consists out of an ECR ion source, a low energy beam transport system, a four rod RFQ, a medium energy transport system and a superconducting module housing 6 half resonators and three superconducting solenoids. This injector will be characterized with a diagnostic plate. The installation allows continuous measurement of beam charge, position and phase. The diagnostic plate in addition provides a beam halo monitor, vertical and horizontal slit and wire systems, a slow and a fast faraday cup, which can only be used in pulsed operation. The paper will describe the status of commissioning, including results of the site acceptance test of major components.  
THIAKI05 European Industries Potential Capabilities on Superconducting RF Accelerator Modules 2680
  • H. Vogel
    ACCEL, Bergisch Gladbach
  European Industry has been supporting accelerator projects in the past and will be supporting future projects. Larger numbers of superconducting accelerator modules with guaranteed performance parameters have been supplied for example for LEP at CERN and superconducting cavities have been supplied also with guarantees for CEBAF at Jefferson Lab, the proton linear accelerator for the Spallation Neutron Source, Oak Ridge, and for the rf system for LHC. A significant number of cavities have been supplied in support of the TTF/ILC activities. With a view to the future European X-FEL linear accelerator it is expected that turn-key accelerator modules will be requested from industry. A review of the European Industries supplies in the past and present will be given to show their capabilities for the future ILC.  
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