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Vincke, H.

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TUPAN096 High Intensity Commissioning of the SPS LSS4 Extraction for CNGS 1604
  • V. Kain, E. Carlier, E. H.R. Gaxiola, B. Goddard, M. Gourber-Pace, E. Gschwendtner, M. Meddahi, H. Vincke, H. Vincke, J. Wenninger
    CERN, Geneva
  The fast extraction in SPS LSS4 serves both the anti-clockwise ring of the LHC and the CERN Gran Sasso Neutrino facility (CNGS). The latter requires 2 fast extractions of 10.5 microsecond long batches per cycle, 50 milliseconds apart. Each batch will consist of 2.4·10+13 protons at 400 GeV, a factor of 10 in energy density above the equipment damage limit in case of beam loss. Active and passive protection systems are in place to guarantee safe operation and to respect the radiation limits close to the extraction region. In summer 2006 CNGS was commissioned including extraction with high intensity. A thorough setting-up of the extraction was performed as part of the CNGS commissioning, including aperture and beam loss measurements, and defining and checking of interlock thresholds for the extraction trajectory, magnet currents, kicker voltage and beam loss monitors. The various systems and the associated risks are discussed, the commissioning results are summarised and a comparison is made with predictions from simulations.  
TUPAN098 Beam Commissioning of the SPS LSS6 Extraction and TT60 for LHC 1610
  • B. Goddard, B. Balhan, E. H.R. Gaxiola, M. Gourber-Pace, L. K. Jensen, V. Kain, A. Koschik, T. Kramer, J. A. Uythoven, H. Vincke, J. Wenninger
    CERN, Geneva
  The new fast extraction system in LSS6 of the SPS and the first 100 m of transfer line TT60 was commissioned with low intensity beam in late 2006. The layout and functionality of the main elements are briefly explained, including the various hardware subsystems and the control system. The systems safety procedures, test objectives and measurements performed during the beam commissioning are described.