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van der Laan, J.

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FRPMS088 Intrabeam Scattering and Touschek Lifetime for the Optical Stochastic Cooling experiment at the MIT-Bates South Hall Ring 4279
  • F. Wang, W. A. Franklin, C. Tschalaer, D. Wang, J. van der Laan
    MIT, Middleton, Massachusetts
  A proof-of-principal experiment of Optical Stochastic Cooling (OSC) at the MIT-Bates South Hall electron storage ring (SHR) has been proposed. To produce convincing cooling results, the ring will be run near 300 MeV. Beam emittances growth caused by Intrabeam scattering (IBS) is a major concern for the design of experiment. Touschek scattering imposes a dominant limit on beam lifetime. Evaluation of these effects is part of the design optimization process. Simulation analyses of cooling for a viable OSC experiment are presented.