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Troxler, J.

Paper Title Page
WEPMN073 A New Klystron Modulator for XFEL based on PSM Technology 2200
  • J. Alex, M. Bader, J. Troxler
    Thomson Broadcast & Multimedia AG, Turgi
  Funding: Supported by DESY contract.

Thomson Broadcast & Multimedia has been awarded a contract from DESY to design and build a prototype klystron modulator for the XFEL project. This modulator will be built in pulse step modulator (PSM) technology. This technology will allow to control the pulse form to achieve a maximum flatness of the pulse without tuning any high power components. The modulator will also have a built-in power regulation to prevent voltage flicker of the mains. The paper will give an overview about the principles of the modulator and presents the status of the design. It also shows simulation results about the expected performance.