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Touze, F.

Paper Title Page
THPMN010 GUINEA-PIG++ : An Upgraded Version of the Linear Collider Beam-Beam Interaction Simulation Code GUINEA-PIG 2728
  • C. Rimbault, P. Bambade, O. Dadoun, G. Le Meur, F. Touze
    LAL, Orsay
  • M. Alabau
    IFIC, Valencia
  • D. Schulte
    CERN, Geneva
  GUINEA-PIG++ is a newly developed object-oriented version of the Linear Collider beam-beam simulation program GUINEA-PIG. The main goals of this project are to provide a reliable, modular, documented and versatile framework enabling convenient implementation of new features and functionalities. Examples of improvements described in this paper are an easy interface to study the impact of electromagnetic effects on Bhabha event selections, a treatment of spin depolarization effects, automatic consistency checks and adjustments of internal computational parameters, upgraded input/output and user interface, an optimised setup for massive production on distributed computing GRIDs. A possible setup to perform fast parallelised computations is also discussed.