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Tolle, R.

Paper Title Page
MOPAN021 Magnetic Field Calculations of the Superconducting Dipole Magnets for the High- Energy Storage Ring at FAIR 194
  • H. Soltner, M. Pabst, R. Tolle
    FZJ, Julich
  For the High-Energy Storage Ring (HESR) to be established for the FAIR facility, magnetic field calculations have been carried out for the layout of the superconducting dipole magnets. Four configurations have been considered for the 2.72 m long magnets, straight ones and bent ones with a bending radius of 13,889 m, respectively, both for the cos(Θ) layout and for the double helix dipole layout. This contribution will focus particularly on the advantages and disadvantages of the individual configurations in terms of field quality in the diopole regions.  
TUPAN024 HESR at FAIR: Status of Technical Planning 1442
  • R. Tolle, K. Bongardt, J. Dietrich, F. M. Esser, O. Felden, R. Greven, G. Hansen, F. Klehr, A. Lehrach, B. Lorentz, R. Maier, D. Prasuhn, A. Raccanelli, M. Schmitt, Y. Senichev, E. Senicheva, R. Stassen, H. Stockhorst
    FZJ, Julich
  • T. Bergmark, S. Johnson, T. Johnson, T. Lofnes, G. Norman, T. Peterson
    Uppsala University, Uppsala
  • B. Gålnander, D. Reistad
    TSL, Uppsala
  • F. Hinterberger
    Universität Bonn, Helmholtz-Institut für Strahlen- und Kernphysik, Bonn
  • K. Rathsman
    UU/ISV, Uppsala
  • M. Steck
    GSI, Darmstadt
  The High-Energy Storage Ring (HESR) of the international Facility for Antiproton and Ion Research (FAIR) at GSI in Darmstadt is dedicated to Strong Interaction studies with antiprotons in the momentum range from 1.5 to 15 GeV/c. Powerful phase-space cooling is needed to reach demanding experimental requirements in terms of luminosity and beam quality. Status and details of technical planning including cryogenic concept will be presented.