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Tiunov, M. A.

Paper Title Page
TUPAN025 Selective Containment Measurements on Xe with the RF Charge Breeder Device BRIC 1445
  • V. Variale, T. Clauser, V. Valentino
    INFN-Bari, Bari
  • P. A. Bak, G. I. Kuznetsov, B. A. Skarbo, M. A. Tiunov
    BINP SB RAS, Novosibirsk
  • A. Boggia
    Universita e Politecnico di Bari, Bari
  • A. C. Raino
    Bari University, Science Faculty, Bari
  Funding: INFN and UE contract no. 515768 EURISOL_DS (RIDS)

The Radioactive Ion Beam (RIB) production with ISOL technique should require a charge breeder device to increase the ion acceleration efficiency and reduce greatly the production cost. The "charge breeder" is a device designed to accept RIB with charge state +1 and in order to increase their charge state up to +n. Recently, at the INFN section of Bari first and at LNL (Italy) then, a new charge breeder device, based on an EBIS ion source called BRIC, has been developed. The new feature of BRIC, with respect to the classical EBIS, is given by the insertion, in the ion drift chamber, of a Radio Frequency (RF) - Quadrupole aiming to filtering the unwanted masses and then making a selective more efficient containment of the wanted ions. The RF test measurements for Ar gas confirm, as foreseen by simulation results* that the selective containment can be obtained. More measurements on the selective containment of heavier element ions (more close to the radioactive ion produced with ISOL technique) like Xe are needed to study with more details that effect. In this contribution new measurements on the rf selective containement in BRIC for Xe gas will be presented and discussed.

* V. Variale and M. Claudione, "BRICTEST: a code for charge breeding simulations in RF quadrupolar field", NIM in Phys. res. A 543 (2005) 403-414.