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Taoka, H.

Paper Title Page
THIBKI03 Klystron Development by TETD 2688
  • K. Hayashi, M. Irikura, Y. Mitsunaka, Y. Okubo, M. Sakamoto, H. Taoka, K. Tetsuka, H. Urakata
    TETD, Otawara
  • M. Y. Miyake, Y. Yano
    Toshiba, Yokohama
  TETD (Toshiba Electron Tubes & Devices Co., LTD.) has been developing vacuum microwave devices such as klystrons, gyrotrons and input couplers in collaboration with some Japanese research institutes. This article describes recent development status of klystrons and input couplers for high-power RF accelerator systems including a 324-MHz and a 972-MHz klystrons for JARC, 1.3-GHz vertical and horizontal MBKs for DESY and a 1.3-GHz TTF-type input coupler for European XFEL. As an application to fusion experimental devices, development of a 5-GHz, 500-kW CW klystron for KSTAR and a 170-GHz quasi-CW gyrotron for ITER are also presented.  
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