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Tang, V.

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FRPMS048 Characterization of a High Current Induction Accelerator Electron Beam via Optical Transition Radiation from Dielectric Foils 4087
  • V. Tang, C. G. Brown, T. L. Houck
    LLNL, Livermore, California
  Funding: This work was performed under the auspices of the U. S. Department of Energy by University of California, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory under Contract W-7405-Eng-48.

Traditionally, thin metal foils are employed for optical transition radiation (OTR) beam diagnostics but the possibility of plating or shorting accelerator insulating surfaces precludes their routine use on high-demand machines. The successful utilization of dielectric foils in place of metal ones would alleviate this issue but necessitates more modeling and understanding of the OTR data for inferring desired beam parameters because of the dielectric's finite permittivity. Additionally, the temperature dependence of the relevant foil parameters must be accounted for due to instantaneous beam heating. Here, we analyze quartz and kapton foil OTR data from the Flash X-Ray (FXR) induction linear accelerator using a model that includes these effects and discuss the resultant FXR beam profiles.