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Tanabe, T.

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TUPMS086 Insertion Device R&D for NSLS-II 1368
  • T. Tanabe, D. A. Harder, G. Rakowsky, T. V. Shaftan, J. Skaritka
    BNL, Upton, Long Island, New York
  NSLS-II is a medium energy storage ring of 3GeV electron beam energy with sub-nm.rad horizontal emittance and top-off capability at 500mA. Damping wigglers will be used not only to reduce the beam emittance but also for broadband sources for users. Cryo-Permanent Magnet Undulators (CPMUs) are considered for hard X-ray linear device, and permanent magnet based Elliptically Polarized Undulators(EPUs) are for polarization control. Rigorous R&D plans have been established to pursue the performance enhancement of the above devices as well as building new types of insertion devices such as high temperature superconducting wiggler/undulators. This paper describes the details of these activities and discuss technical issues.