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Summers, T.

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TUPMN005 Optimizing Beam Brightness at the Canadian Light Source 920
  • L. O. Dallin, D. Bodnarchuk, T. Summers
    CLS, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
  The Canadian Light Source (CLS) storage ring has been operating routinely since commissioning was completed in the spring of 2004. Since that time the storage ring parameters have been adjusted in efforts to increase the brightness of the source. This includes changes to the operating point, reducing the transverse coupling and optimizing the dispersion at the source points. Depending on the photon energy brightness from undulators is increased by reducing the beam size or reducing the emittance. This is achieved with higher tunes which both decrease the emittance and beta-functions. Dispersion at the undulators can be optimized to minimize the effective beam emittance or beam size. Vertical coupling can be adjusted to less than 0.1% by both reducing the vertical dispersion and transverse coupling from the horizontal motion.