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Spethmann, Ch.

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TUPMS019 Ion Effects and Ion Elimination in the Cornell ERL 1218
  • G. Hoffstaetter, Ch. Spethmann, Y. Xie
    CLASSE, Ithaca
  Funding: Supported by Cornell University and NSF grant PHY 0131508

In an energy recovery linac (ERL) where beam-loss has to be minimal, and where beam positions and emittances have to be very stable in time, optic errors and beam instabilities due to ion effects have to be avoided. Here we explain why ion clearing electrodes are the least unattractive way of eliminating ions in an ERL and we present calculations of the remnant ion density and its effect on the beam. We also show a design of the clearing electrodes that should be distributed around the accelerator and illustrate their wake-field properties.