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Slimmer, D.

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FRPMS008 IPM Measurements in the Tevatron 3883
  • A. Jansson, K. Bowie, T. Fitzpatrick, R. Kwarciany, C. Lundberg, D. Slimmer, L. Valerio, J. R. Zagel
    Fermilab, Batavia, Illinois
  Funding: Work supported by the US Department of Energy

Two Ionization Profile Monitors (IPMs) were installed in the Tevatron in 2006. The detectors are capable of resolving single bunches turn-by-turn, using a combination of gas injection to boost the ionization signal and very fast and sensitive electronics to detect it. This paper presents recent improvements to the system hardware and its use for beam monitoring. In particular, the correction of beam size oscillations observed at injection is discussed.