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Sjostrom, M.

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MOZAAB02 MAX-IV Design: Pushing the Envelope 74
  • M. Eriksson, M. Berglund, M. Brandin, D. Kumbaro, P. Lilja, L.-J. Lindgren, L. Malmgren, M. Sjostrom, S. Thorin, E. J. Wallen, S. Werin
    MAX-lab, Lund
  • H. Tarawneh
    SESAME, Amman
  The proposed MAX IV facility is meant as a successor to the existing MAX-lab. The acceleraor part will consist of three storage rings, two new ones operated at 3 and 1.5 GeV respectively and the existing MAX III ring. The two new rings have identical lattices and are placed on top of each other. Both these rings have a very small emittances, 0.86 and 0.4 nm rad respectively, and offer sychrotron radiation of very high mean brilliance. As an injector, a 3 GeV linear accelerator is planned. The design philosophy and the special technical solutions called for are presented in this paper.  
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