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Singh, B.

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TUPMN087 Electron Beam Dynamics Studies During Commissioning of the Diamond Storage Ring 1115
  • I. P.S. Martin, R. Bartolini, R. T. Fielder, E. C. Longhi, B. Singh
    Diamond, Oxfordshire
  The Diamond Light Source is the new medium energy 3rd generation light source located at the Harwell Science and Innovation Campus in the UK. The storage ring was successfully commissioned at full energy during the period Sept. to Dec. 2006, and is now delivering synchrotron light to users. During the commissioning period, operation of the storage ring at the design specifications was established in terms of closed orbit distortion, linear optics, coupling correction and emittance. In this report we provide details of these studies as well as more recent investigations of non-linear beam dynamics.  
TUPMN088 Commissioning and Investigation of Beam Dynamics of Phase I Insertion Devices at Diamond 1118
  • B. Singh, R. Bartolini, R. T. Fielder, E. C. Longhi, I. P.S. Martin
    Diamond, Oxfordshire
  Diamond is a 3 GeV low emittance third generation light source recently commissioned in Oxfordshire, UK. During Phase I of the project, seven insertion devices (IDs) have been installed and commissioned: these include 5 in-vacuum permanent magnet undulators, a variable polarization APPLE-II helical device and a superconducting wiggler. We present our experiences commissioning these devices and the results of the investigations of their effects on beam dynamics, including orbit distortion, linear tune shifts, beta-beating and beam lifetime. Alpha-matching with local and global tune compensations, as well as the LOCO algorithm, have been used to compensate the linear optic perturbations. The results are discussed and compared with theoretical predictions. Injection with IDs in operation has also been investigated in view of future top-up operation.