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Simpson, L.

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MOPAS071 A Precision 75kW, 25kV Power System for a Klystron Amplifier 593
  • L. Bees, L. Simpson, A. Tydeman
    Lambda, Neptune, New Jersey
  A compact water-cooled high power, high voltage power supply system is described. The system must deliver an output voltage up to 25kV, and a current up to 4A to power a Klystron Amplifier. The amplifier demands very high voltage stability, low output voltage ripple, and low stored energy. The solution presented is based around Lambda's proven 303 series DC supplies to provide the bulk high voltage power, an advanced controller for high performance operation, and a precision filter/feedback assembly for low ripple and high accuracy. The system has demonstrated ripple of less than 0.015%, stability better than 10ppm per degree C, power factor of 0.92 and efficiency of 90%, with an output stored energy of less that 8J.